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Kingoroot APK

Kingoroot APK

We welcome you to our website, home to root your device. The software that you are searching for is available here and can root your device in a very short time you just have to make some clicks and all will be done. Scroll down to know more about Kingoroot APK.

If you want to download Kingoroot APK you may scroll down to earn the free application by just clicking the ‘Download Kingoroot APK’ Button.

Kingo Root

Kingoroot APK is an application based upon a single click. It opens access for Android devices and also has a long list of abilities, some are as follows

  • Deleting System Apps

it deletes the unused and unnecessary system apps just in one selection.

  • Cleaning junk files from Device

These files cause your device to slow down. Kingo Root clears this file from your device.

  • Controlling

Notifications and other Android system events regarding your device are controlled in a simple way.

  • Compatibility

Don’t worry about Kingoroot APK being not compatible with the device. This root-app is easily installed on more than thousands of phones and many firmware. Rooting can be done on almost every device including Samsung, ZTE, Lenovo, etc. There are no problems with Android old versions you can run it on any version easily.

Kingoroot APK Statistics

The table below has the statistics of Kingroot APK once you are done with stats you can go down for further features of Kingoroot APK

Title Kingoroot APK
Filename android_root.exe
File size 17.19MB (18,023,288 bytes)
Requirements All Android Versions
Languages Multiple languages
License Freeware
Date added January 10, 2019
Author Kingoroot APK Tech. Ltd.

Kingo Root

Features of Kingroot

You can enhance battery timing and processor speed, Customize the visual aspects of your device. In fact, you can do anything regarding rooting the device. Kingroot APK has Key Features as

  • Unlock hidden features.
  • Uninstall bloatware.
  • Speed up your phone.
  • Ad-free.
  • Privacy guarded.
  • Boost battery life.
  • Access root-only apps.
  • Customizable appearance.
  • Attain admin level permission.

Kingoroot APK is Totally Safe

Kingroot Team works to make the app convenient for users and to allow the ease for user to experience the best of the app to root their device. The reason we created the Kingroot APK is we care for a user and the only purpose is to secure the user’s device from junk and malware. click here for more lovely apps.

Kingo Root

Feedback Response

Thanks to our users who have made us gain popularity worldwide. There was feedback that the app isn’t downloading and many other feedbacks were about bugs. All the errors are removed and the app has been made fit to download and use.

  • Download links have been updated for latest versions
  • Support for Android 4.3, 4.4 and 5.0 has been improved
  • The team has removed Minor bugs and connection bug.
  • Several built-in Recoveries Added.
  • False positives bugs of an unrooting successful problem are fixed.
  • Optimized root solutions and other improvements.
  • Support for Huawei phone models added.
  • Stability was the problem it is not now.

Just Download the app from the given link below and enjoy the app.